12 kickass games

for only $ 2.99

Bundle ends on

January 21, 2015


more than 94% for all games

'Starting 2015 Like a Boss' Bundle

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  • You get 16 keys for 12 games.
  • Plus 3 Steam keys very soon (for already Greenlit games) and 5 very possible Steam keys for other Greenlight games.
  • You may get up to 24 keys. It's a no-brainer.

  • Almost every single Greenlight game from our bundles got Greenlit!
  • Take a look at Recently Added Keys to see the statistics for our previous bundles.
  • Keys are always beautifully delivered to your inbox so there's no need to worry about anything.

* Almost Greenlit = 90%+ of the way to get Greenlit passed (very close)
** Halfway to Greenlit = 50% – 65% of the way to get Greenlit passed (not far away from getting Greenlit)

Bundle runs from January 2, 2015
to January 21, 2015

Bundle is over

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'Starting 2015 Like a Boss' Bundle

  • Bundle Info

    It's a New Year and it's the right time to start with a brand new fresh bundle. 'Starting 2015 Like a Boss' Bundle is everything you need to look for. Enjoy the huge number of titles giving you hours of real fun.

    Interesting enough to mention, the TOP 3 contributors will get to choose free game(s) on Steam (1st place gets $30, 2nd place gets $20 and 3rd place gets $10).

    We'll randomly choose one buyer from each 500 who gets game(s) on Steam by own their choice in value of $10. Plus, from each 500 buyers, we'll give five buyers a 20% discount coupon for any of our future bundles. Winners will be chosen and contacted after the bundle ends!

    Yes, there's even more! Everyone who follows us, likes us and/or becomes a member of our Steam Group, has a chance of winning $5 Steam Wallet credit. We'll choose 1 lucky winner from each after the bundle ends. Amazing!

    You should receive your keys immediately after the purchase. If not, please allow up to 24 hours and then contact us.

  • Statistics

    Updated with final data.
    Bundles sold: 1356

    Top 3 contributors:
    1st William S. with $24.99
    2nd Natasha B. with $24.99
    3rd Alon M. with $19.99

    Number of games in the bundle: 12

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