'Morning Sky - Greenlit Encore' Bundle

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Our 4th bundle called 'Night Sky' Bundle was bigger and better than ever before. 'Morning Sky - Greenlit Encore' is like 4+ bundle including only Greenlit games from 'Night Sky' Bundle.

Interesting enough to mention, TOP 3 contributors will get game/s on Steam by their own choice (1st in value of up to $30, 2nd in value of up to $20 and 3rd in value of up to $10).

Even more interesting to mention. From each 500 buyers, we'll randomly choose one buyer who gets game/s on Steam by their own choice in value of $10. From each 500 buyers we choose five buyers who get 20% discount coupon applicable for any of our future bundles. People will be chosen and contacted after the bundle ends!

Plus, we have something new for all of you! Everyone who follows us and/or likes us using the buttons below, has a chance of winning $5 Steam Wallet credit. After the bundle ends, we'll choose 1 happy winner on Twitter and on FaceBook too. This all applies to our Steam Group too. Amazing!

You should receive your keys immediately after the purchase. If not, please allow 24 hours and then contact us.

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Pure Light Bundle

Bundle statistics

Data updated on May 13, 2014 at 21:00 GMT

Data updated with final statistics!
Bundles sold: 2531 ('Night Sky' Bundle) + 330 (as encore sale with 'Morning Sky' Bundle)

Top 3 contributors:
1st Molly with $14.99
2nd Megan with $9.99
3rd Simon with $9.99

Number of games in the bundle: 6
Number of developers in the bundle: 6

May 11, 2014, Bundle is Over

6 games for only $2.99
-> $1.99 (33% OFF)

'Morning Sky - Greenlit Encore' Bundle

* Evopollution is already in the Steam Store. Yaaay!
Find out how to get your Evopollution Steam key.


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Morning Sky - Greenlit Encore from LazyGuysStudio - Video Play video

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