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HA Studio
Release date
November 21, 2016
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$ 3.99
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It is an army vs army game, where you need to constantly rebuild and grow your army in order to survive or win the battle. BuildMoreCubes combines real-time strategy battle gameplay with "Snake Byte" like end goals - to expand your army as much as you can by rebuilding dead enemy cubes. Pure fast-paced action game! No buildings to build, no resources to gather.


  • 20 beautifully crafted levels
  • 8 types of very cute but yet furious and deadly units. Each with its pros and cons.
  • Fast-paced, addictive and bloody battles.
  • You will have to exploit the enemy weaknesses in order to apply the right combat tactics.
  • Themed world map and level design - Enchanted Forest, Deadly Desert and Misty Mountains.
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