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June 4, 2017

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'Bundle 21: Welcome Home'

Bundle runs from May 19, 2017
to June 4, 2017

Bundle is over

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'Bundle 21: Welcome Home'

  • Bundle Info

    Each Bundle represents a different journey for us. Bringing them to you a longer time apart we allow there to be the real old time excitement when expecting a whole new Bundle offer. This is what defines us and we have the core gaming values always in our minds. Today we're here to present you the 'Bundle 21: Welcome Home'.

    Interesting enough to mention, the TOP 3 contributors will get to choose free game(s) on Steam (1st place gets $30, 2nd place gets $20 and 3rd place gets $10).

    We'll randomly choose one buyer from each 500 who gets game(s) on Steam by their own choice in value of $10. Plus, from each 500 buyers, we'll give five buyers a 20% discount coupon for any of our future bundles. Winners will be chosen and contacted after the bundle ends! To get a better understanding check the 'Top 3 Contributors Prize' in our ToS.

    You should receive your keys immediately after the purchase. If not, please allow up to 24 hours and then contact us.

  • Statistics

    Latest update done on June 7, 2017 at 20:00 GMT

    Bundles sold: 247

    Top 3 contributors:
    1st No name with $14.99
    2nd Sarah B. with $14.99
    3rd Kasper J. with $14.99

    Number of games in the Bundle: 8

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