Game by
Andrey Malyarov
Release date
September 1, 2016
Regular price
$ 3.99
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The wicked and cunning boars-cyborgs captured the world and made a hell on Earth. The bloody dictatorship was established over all. But a robot with iron wings appeared out of nowhere and decided to end the tyranny of the boars-cyborgs.

This game is a scroller where the player will have intense battles with a lot of amazing enemies in different places of the world. In the destruction various species of boars, robots and bosses will help different types of weapons such as the glass bullets or the black ravens.


  • Unusual atmosphere and style of game for this genre
  • Many different types of enemies such as boars who hide behind heaps of skulls or metal grasshoppers with a firearm
  • Amazing weapons such as the glass bullets or dangerous ravens
  • This game is easy to learn but difficult to master
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