Release date
2014 – 2016
Average game price
$ 15.2
Available at
How did we divide the keys?

Each key in your order is taken from a random position in its batch and even the keys in each batch are in randomised order. This means there is five batches in total (+ one for 100/500 Gift Steam Game and one for 100/500 Discount Coupon). These five batches together consist of 29 Steam games (36 with 100/500 Gift Steam Game batch) which keys are equally divided.

Simply said if you buy two copies of the Bundle there is a high posibility the games you get will be different.

Why did we use this method?

It's easy. First, we didn't want you to get two Steam keys for the same game in your order. Who wants that? No one. Second, we didn't want to have 400 keys for one game in a batch and then the remaining 100 would be for other games. That would not be fair from us thus there's an equal number of copies for each game in the batch.

How were the games chosen?

All the games from five main batches in the 'Mystery Bundle 1: Take Five' were chosen from the Recently Added Keys list. We've only chosen the games that have overall rating of more than 56% based on Steam user reviews at the time of chosing them and have Steam Trading Cards. When we take a look at average rating for all these 29 games together (5 main batches) it is 77%.

To give you a better look, here is the average rating for each batch – #1 84%, #2 70%, #3 82%, #4 76%, #5 73%, (#6 75%).

What about the gift key?

Gift key is awarded to 100 out of 500 buyers in their order. Average rating for these games is 75% and each of them comes with Steam Trading Cards as well.

What is the discount gift?

Discount of 25% for one of our future Bundles (by your choice) is awarded to 100 out of 500 buyers in their order.

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