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Steam Greenlight (GREENLIT)

Dominate the world with your robot army, research new robots and customization their abilities.

  • The game feature Single play campaign and will include multiplay match later on.
  • A match is a traditional tactic match with fighters are robots - fairly number of robots with many skills.
  • The battlefield (or I could say battle office) has multiple floors. Each floor will have numerous of tactic points and you will descend to the lower floor after all tactic points are captured or someone actively break the floor.
  • Units in Ground breakers are robots run by water. Each robot will have one set of skills and different stats. Some are hard to kill, some are glass cannons. Use skill raise your heat and when you overheat, you can't use any skill. You will just have to wait for a few turn for your robot to cool down.
  • Each robot has a chip board which you can insert chips. Chips have different shape which you will have to arrange them in the board in the best way possible to maximum your robot's abilities.
  • You will start the game with few robots (5 at the moment). To get more robot, you need to play a game and win some parts to craft new robots. Each robot has different recipe ans what parts you will get is pure luck.
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