Game by
BohFam Games
Release date
October 23, 2015
Regular price
$ 9.99
Available at (Early Access)
Steam (Early Access)

Frantic rogue-lite platformer with dark-neon and randomly generated planets to explore and destroy.​ Annihilate all abominations of XO-planets to protect mankind or just simply destroy everything in your path.


  • Back stories and different endings for each AI unit (protagonist)
  • 25 enemy creatures to annihilate
  • Procedural Level Generation
  • Randomly generated weapons. 6 different weapon types with 3 different enhancements (vampiric, fire, and ice), possibly over 2500 different weapons with names
  • Over 25 upgrades to enhance the AI unit (protagonist) and counting
  • 5 Bosses to outsmart and eliminate
  • 5 mini bosses (bounty) to kill
  • 6 more playable AI units to unlock
  • Randomly generated side missions with nice little random backstory
  • Search and Destroy
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Bomber Man
  • Treasure Hunter
  • Tower Defense
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