Game by
Targon Studios
Release date
October, 2015
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It’s Hallowe’en night, and your girlfriend is missing. Play as Billy, fighting through the haunted halls of an old abandoned mansion! Slay zombies, kill ghosts, fight bosses, and so much more with over 80 unique weapons and hundreds of thousands of costume combinations to help you through the depths of the mansion!

With a fallen branch in hand, Billy approached the old rotting mansion. Like every young boy, Billy had heard the legends of what lie within; dark secrets, monsters, and treasure. If he was ever going to find Cindy, Billy would need to make his way through the haunted halls of the mansion and descend into the darkness beneath.

If the stories he had heard were true, once inside Billy would find a wide array of weapons to face his foes; swords, spears, axes, staffs, crossbows, and more still remained from times long past.

For days after each Halloween, locals would discover unsettling costumes in the area surrounding the mansion’s property. Billy knew he would need to wear these costumes if he even wanted a chance.


  • Over 80 unique weapons and nine weapon classes; magic staffs, swords, axes, battle axes, spears, daggers, bows, crossbows, and guns.
  • Over 275,000 costume combinations to discover. Each costume piece enhances your character with special bonuses.
  • Tons of enemies to fight on your way through the mansion! Battle through hordes of undead knights, ghosts, and goblins on your way to saving Cindy.
  • NOT an early access game, beta build ready for launch.
  • Exciting boss battles at the end of every 3 hallways!
  • Purchase useful items from shops!
  • Steam achievements implementation upon launch.
  • Unlock powerful new weapons, challenging game modes, and new areas to explore!
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