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Spider Key Games
Release date
March 4, 2016
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$ 2.99
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Spellbind is an indie puzzle/adventure game meant to be a game similar to Drawn: The Painted Tower by Big Fish Games. It was released into the harsh world of mobile devices in Spring 2014.

Some "unexpected" qualities of it like challenging yet logical puzzles, fairly long gameplay and a playful feeling, came to the surface thanks to many brave adventure gamers who have been kind enough to actually play it and provide its developer with valuable feedback. That alone was enough to provoke him to start developing a raw PC port targeting Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

Key features

  • Traditional fantasy setting
  • Up to 12 different riddles and many other puzzles waiting to be solved
  • Over three hours of casual adventure gameplay
  • Simple point-and-click user interface with full mouse support (this is the PC world now!)
  • Original soundtrack
  • Three different endings
  • Over 60 screens of captivating programmer art
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