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Q1 2016
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A man and his very old uncle are moving into a new house, he has to go back to their old place to get the rest of their stuff, so he hired you for just one night to take care of his uncle, but don't worry his uncle is a heavy sleeper so it's an easy job, but there is only one catch... he bought the house for a really good price, because the house is pretty old and apparently there is no electricity in the house, all the cables need to be replaced. Luckily the guy is an inventor, he creates stuff and he happens to be working on a device that generates electricity. The way it works is that you just have to re-charge it manually by rotating a handle just for a few seconds and it generates electricity for at least 12 hrs. It's still a prototype and sometimes it can be a little unstable.

For some reason the devices start failing and you have to re-charge them frequently, and even repair them to keep the electricity/lights ON all night, there is something creepy about this place try to keep the lights ON no matter what. If for some reason the device stops working, it has a recovery system and it will reboot by itself in a few seconds (most of the time).

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