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Gridlock Interactive
Release date
November 27, 2014
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$ 4.99
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Push two 2 blocks together to make them disappear, connect three 3 blocks, just match n blocks.

Brimming with an array of mechanics all based around a deceptively simple idea.

  • Blocks that switch places with you instead of being pushed.
  • Large blocks like dominoes and tetris pieces.
  • Sliding blocks.
  • Tiles where you can't move but blocks can.
  • Blocks that fade over time, allowing you to match with more blocks.
  • ? blocks that match with any number.
  • Static blocks that don't move.
  • Tricksy blocks that switch places and then slide away.
  • And more in the full game!
  • Features

  • 60 rich and uniquely challenging levels.
  • No need to worry about mistakes as you can just rewind time.
  • Star system to allow casual users to breeze through and give experienced puzzlers a real challenge.
  • Rendered with vector graphics so can scale to any resolution – no matter how high.
  • Access to the source code and assets for those that want to tweak, mod or just have a looksie.
  • Automatically updating so you’ll get new features, bug fixes and tweaks.
  • Re-mappable keys so you can tweak the control schemes.
  • Relax and play through the entire game with a controller.
  • Soundtrack by Graeme Norgate and Ross Tregenza who’ve previously worked on GoldenEye, Timesplitters and the Crysis series.
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