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The Tambourine
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Early 2016
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Have you ever dreamed of creating a cyber sports team? Or dreamed of when yourself play your favorite video game at the professional level? You will be able to experience all these feelings in our game and gain experience in manage activities. Currently the game under active development and release is planned for the 4th quarter 2015 - 1st quarter 2016. Thanks for supporting us to make this game great and please provide feedback, we would love to hear your opinion. This game is inspired by the latest The International 2015 and Football Manager in particular.

Get started either as a free agent by collecting players in pubs or take over leading the already collected team and pass it to victory. You can be not only a coach but also a player to customize your own past and will choose your future in cyber world. You have to choose tactics, set trainings, signing partners, create organizations and child farm commands in the game world. You choose where to play your players and what the role of Support, Jungler, Mid, Carry, Offline or Courier :) is it. Also, if your that command plays well, then you get an invitation to the various tournaments, which will be an incredible amount.

Upcoming features

  • Real time simulation of matches
  • Transfer Market
  • Player agents
  • Contract negotiations
  • Player Statistics and MVP nominations
  • Tons of new players (some of them will be real, maybe all of them)
  • Reserve team/farm-clum
  • World cup league, regional league, fast cup league & many more
  • Detailed scouting system
  • Team & individual coaching and practice for each role on the squad.
  • A lot of different Tactics, Staff, Events for your organisation.
  • Meetingroom for staff and players.
  • Team combinations
  • Real caster commentators
  • Online leaderboards and more...
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