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January 25, 2015
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The hardest sci-fi shooting sidescroller is a classic 3d Si-Fi shooting sidescroller where quick tactics and skills need to be in harmony the beat the game. A run-and-gun shooter with both mouse and keyboard controls at the same time. An adventure game with a emotional story and epic game-play. Potentially therapeutic and emotionally educational, it's a game for PC, Mac and Linux.

In CortexGear:AngryDroids, you play as an alien (main character) hacker who take control of a CortexGear (A robot with an implanted brain) to destroy the other AngryDroids. The alien is one of the last survivors from a Cortex war(A war based on hacking the opponent) against the AngryDroids.

WThe alien is also from a new generation of CortexSoldiers (Soldier with great hacking abilities), the generation after the ultimate CortexWar against humans. Find his (main character) true origin through the game story,in a world infested by angrydroids.

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