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Early 2017
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Even with the extinction of the human race over 200 years ago, war rages on like nothing has changed. Long-abandoned factories remain operational, constructing fighter drones to continue the war effort. Immerse yourself in the chaotic galaxy by fighting, exploring, looting, and building your very own voxel-based ships completely from scratch.

Nuvoid is a free roam sandbox game where you build your very own ships entirely from scratch! The game has no pre-set controls. Rather, YOU build the controls. Every single engine, weapon, thruster, and so on that you place you must assign to a key. So if you want your ship to move forward using the "w" key then place an engine and assign it to the "w" key!

Nuvoid will be story driven having the choice to complete missions and do quests, but at the same time, nothing is stopping you from flying into any direction in space to explore huge asteroids, discover long abandoned space stations, fight other drones, and upgrade your ship!

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