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Q4 2016
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The Seeker is an action/stealth game, where you in the role of the little drone that was accidentally activated by the debris of the EPC-221. It all began after the Great Galactic war when people had to leave earth but instead of living peacefully, they destroyed themselves. Now you, as The Seeker, woken up, and armed, but fragile is ready to seek what truly happened in the era of the GGW.

You're piece of electronic junk, someone's long lost drone left alone on EPC-221. After the era of "Great Galactic War" in which whole mankind was wiped out. You are now the seeker of collecting evidence of human race and destroying the evil AI that made this mess. Can you collect them all?

Through the game you'll encounter various barriers; Other drones, alarm systems, etc. in a random generated level (only the layout stays the same) That will try to slice you in more pieces, the better. You, The Seeker, need to find the exit out of this man made hell, you'll collect points, enjoy the scenery and the music that captures the essence and the beauty of destruction intertwined with human and robotic leftovers.


  • Huge randomness in the level - Each time you load up the level, the enemies, the items, the points, the alarms, the cameras, the turrets, the doors, everything will change exepct the basic layout of the level, this creates unique gameplay for each and everyone of you making you special as you already are. All random.
  • Procedural alarm system - Each time you screw up, and activate the alarm, you are making the level a lot harder, and this is where the PAS comes in. It adds doors, activates more and harder enemies of different type, making escaping and stealing data very hard. As you make more mistakes the more money prize you get at the end, as passing a level with no trigger is rewarding, surviving a level 5 breach is far more as it is far more difficult.
  • Customization of the player - Still work in progress, you can change the Seekers color, customize your drone looks by adding a new model which I'm trying to make it work in the workshop, adding custom moving textures, etc.
  • Complex upgrading system - Here you spend your hard earned points you collected passing a level, by buying upgrades, weapons, charges, decoys, fake walls, hacking abilities making your life through the System easier.
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