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Obsessive Science Games
Release date
July 29, 2016
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$ 9.99
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The greatest detective in the world would be nothing without a good mystery. Once that mystery has been solved, wouldn't it be great if he could solve it… again?

Detective Hank and the Golden Sneeze is an interactive whodunnit visual-novel with a different culprit on each play-through. You play as Hank and you need to find out who stole the Golden Sneeze from the museum of ancient history.

The story changes, depending on who stole the Golden Sneeze, which paths you take and which clues you find. After you found the clues and caught the perpetrator, do not think you are done yet! You have to prove they did it in the ultimate showdown for every detective: a trial in court!

Features of the game

  • High replay value; multiple people who could have stolen the Golden Sneeze
  • Multiple story lines and alternative paths
  • A total of 9 different endings, depending on your wits
  • Awesome art by studio Enalya
  • Awesome soundtrack by upcoming music talent Storytime Symphony
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