Game by
David Andreev
Release date
Q4 2016/Q1 2017
Regular price
$ 0.99 (for beta)
Available at (beta)
Steam Greenlight (GREENLIT)

In quantum world of subatomic particles there is a constant fight between three forces that form the universe. Join this battle to keep universe in balance and harmony. Particles is Online Multiplayer First Person Shooter game with abstract visuals and surreal concepts. In the game you shoot abstract gas-like looking spheres called Particles.

Game modes

  • Team Deathmatch is typical online team deathmatch game mode where 2 teams of particles (blue and purple) fight against each other.
  • Survival Co-op is a combination of survival singleplayer mode and co-op multiplayer where it's you alone or you with other players fighting together against waves of furious Bot particles.
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