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Show those viruses who's boss! System Recovery gives you the chance to fight back. Infected computers are for people who don't have Virus Exterminating Drones. Get your share of malware-busting action in this top-down view arcade shooter!


  • 'Roguelite' Career mode
    Fight your way through increasingly difficult randomly generated missions and upgrade your base of operations Try HARDCORE mode for a true Roguelike experience!

  • Survival ddos missions
    Beat waves of viruses and take on challenges to prove your worth against the ever-so-threatening virus menace

  • Level editor
    Build your own challenging missions and share them with friends and community

  • Story missions & Multiplayer
    Coming soon.
  • The multiplayer aspect of the game is currently in a testing state. Story missions will be unlockable by reaching a certain level in career mode.

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