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January 23, 2015
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Steam Greenlight (GREENLIT)

Imagine vices and virtues could be personified and made flesh, so Vengeance and Mercy were real people who walked the Earth. You adventure in this world as a supernatural being yourself, battling for mortal souls.

Spiritual power has grown in this world. Virtues and Vices made flesh stride the earth as living beings. Gifted individuals are evolving into The Awoken, beings who manisfest psychic power but feed upon the energy of others. You see the world through the reborn avatar of Justice, wavering between her aspects of Vengeance and Mercy. But there is also Virgil, a poweful Awoken with his own vendetta to pursue against Avarice, the Vice of Three Cities.

Pimander is a roaming beat 'em up in which the character you choose has to overcome the battle challenges scattered throughout their personal story.

You can expect to fight alone and with allies, but mostly with allies. Your allies will be a strong resource - be sure to use them wisely.

Your enemies will also mostly have allies. Approach each challenge as a puzzle to be unpicked. Sometimes, brute force will do. Other times, lynchpins need removing before the enemy force will collapse. Watch the battlefield and decide on your approach!

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