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1. Voice assistant, please play one of my favourite movies.

a. Ok, opening Avatar.

b. Sure, playing The Lego Movie.

c. Alright, La La Land is opening.

One could characterise my interest in movies as out of ordinary. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I don’t like movies. I always get attached to characters and scenes as if I was there.

The correct answer here is b. The Lego Move. Everything is awesomeee. That’s what I sing to myself in my head when having a bad day. I’m ashamed to admit this but I’ve never seen Avatar, La La Land, The Godfather, The Avengers etc., not even Batman, Avengers, Superman, etc. Someone should really take me and fix me. Haha.

You can leave me a note at our email address hello (that fancy ‘a’) lazyguysstudio (Mr. Dot) com stating what movies I should definitely watch. I’ll try to find some spare time to watch your recommendations and maybe I’ll even write a post about some of those how I liked them.

2. Voice assistant, please show me games in my favourite games genres.

a. Here you go, showing you list of (1) construction and management simulation, (2) racing and (3) action-adventure games.

b. Here it is, showing you list of (1) sports, (2) survival and (3) stealth games.

c. I go the list for you, it is (1) action RPG, (2) interactive movie and (3) survival horror games.

It’s hard for me to remember what was the first game I’ve ever played. My personal favourite from the old times is Pac-Man. In general I like to play games like SimCity, Cities XL or Game Dev Tycoon. You get the picture. It was a number of years back when I played Car Tycoon and I was highly addicted to that game.

Racing games are another keystone of my gaming life. I mostly used to play Need for Speed series. I remember getting a new computer because of Test Drive Unlimited (I was disappointed for the TDU2). In the most recent time I think the best racing series out there is Forza Motorsport.

I still remember how excited I was when I played the GTA: Vice City although it wasn’t the first game from this series I played. Soundtrack and style of these series is always spectacular. A little fun fact, there are only two games from the GTA series where I have fully finished the campaign – GTA: San Andreas and GTA V. I can’t forget about Mafia (the first one) and its unique feel. I wish there was a new game in Mafia series with the same feel as the first one.

You probably got it by now. The option a) is the correct answer here. Although I like to play games like e.g. NHL, The Walking Dead or Minecraft. There’s many games I love. I have a broad style.

3. Voice assistant, please initiate my 'home lunch or dinner' action.

a. Okay, opening YouTube on your TV.

b. You got it. Playing the next episode of your currently watched series on your computer.

c. Good, making it dark and quiet in the living room so you can eat in peace.

This one is simply b). When I’m at home eating lunch or dinner I always watch the next episode of currently watched series on my computer. And I don’t like to be interrupted by anything or anyone at that time. I consider it as 20 – 25 minutes just for myself.

4. Voice assistant, what is the song?

a. Easy, it is Denzel Curry – Skywalker.

b. It seems like Ursele – Purple Rain.

c. It definitely is The Clash – Should I Stay or Should I Go.

My music style is hard to explain. The obvious winner here is c) The Clash – Should I Stay or Should I Go. Although I don’t really listen to punk music I think it’s just an amazing song. Looking at the latest songs I’ve added to my music playlist there are songs from genres like pop, alternative, electronic, rock, I can even see a few dance songs. My style is very broad. Everything that sounds good to my ears goes right on my playlist.

5. Voice assistant, please read whats the latest spending on my 'Spendings Note'.

a. It is $25 for a Tesla Model S model toy.

b. Adidas trainers for $70.

c. The latest is garden hammock for $20.

Oh my. Don’t even get me started on how much I love Tesla. I’m obsessed with Elon Musk and I’m not ashamed to admit he’s my man crush. I wish I could own a Tesla Model S one day. Patrick from our team gifted me a coupon for an hour long drive for my birthday last year (becuase I couldn't stop talking about Tesla and Elon) and I don’t want any other car from that moment.

As for other options, I usually wear Nike trainers. I choose them very carefully because I want my trainers to last for at least 2 years. Don’t really like change. My choosing process goes on for months. The reason is I always try to find a perfect combination of materials that I know will last for a long time while looking as good as new. Not that I dislike Adidas, I have nothing against that brand it’s just I’m used to Nike and I don’t really want to change that. Oh and yeah, I unfortunately don’t have a garden so it couldn’t be garden hammock in the option c).

6. Voice assistant, please what's on my shopping list for the dinner?

a. There's only frozen pizza on the list, Mirek.

b. The list goes – carrots, cucumber, pastry and a dried mint to make a tea.

c. There are cereals and milk on the list.

It was yesterday when I actually had no time left so I had to order pizza. I like pizza. Who doesn’t? However the thing is I ate the whole damn thing alone and that’s a problem. The feeling in my stomach I had after that made me realise I don’t want to eat pizza for the next 3 months. The option c), cereals and milk, is my usual combination I eat in the morning. Haven’t changed it for years.

The winner here is the option b). I’m used to getting my dose of vitamins from vegetables for dinner every day. I also like to buy pre-chopped vegetables mix in a store and eat it during the day despite the fact I’m not even vegetarian. I just like it. Dried mint or lemon balm tea is something I drink to keep my immune system strong every day too.

1 'Voice Assistant' competition goes by the 'Bundle 22: Gaming in the Dark' start and end date.

2 One entry per person allowed. In event of a person submitting more than one entry this person is going to be disqualified.

3 Winners will be contacted within seven days after the 'Bundle 22: Gaming in the Dark' ends.

4 Prizes are distributed in form of a coupon applicable to get our next Bundle for free when it's live.

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