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LazyGuysStudio, Lazy Santa and Henry came with Lazy Christmas 2017 full of Steam game keys

9 phenomenal games

for only $38.91 $2.99

Bundle ends on

October 1, 2017

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Bundle runs from September 15, 2017
to October 1, 2017

Bundle is over

Pay the price you choose

Choose the price you fancy the most. Remember, TOP contributor price may get you a TOP contributor reward (read more).
If you are outside the U.S., the price is automatically converted to your local currency – you do not pay more!

VAT (where applicable) is taken from the price you pay, not added to the price – you pay the same price anywhere in the world you are. We love you all equally ;)


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'Bundle 22: Gaming in the Dark'

  • Bundle Info

    We're so happy to be back! With our new approach all over our social media profiles, refreshed amazing logo and refreshed look of our Bundle page. As you may know, we take extra care to make our Bundle page look the best it possibly can. This time we've done changes we believe bring a better experience for all of you lovely fans! 'Bundle 22: Gaming in the Dark' is the Bundle we're the most excited about since our very first Bundle thanks to the changes we've done!

    Interesting enough to mention, the TOP 3 contributors will get to choose free game(s) on Steam (1st place gets $30, 2nd place gets $20 and 3rd place gets $10).

    We'll randomly choose one buyer from each 500 who gets game(s) on Steam by their own choice in value of $10. Plus, from each 500 buyers, we'll give five buyers a 20% discount coupon for any of our future bundles. Winners will be chosen and contacted after the bundle ends! To get a better understanding check the 'Top 3 Contributors Prize' in our ToS.

    You should receive your keys immediately after the purchase. If not, please allow up to 24 hours and then contact us.

  • Top Contributors List

    Latest update done on October 3, 2017 at 20:00 GMT
    Updated with final data.

    Top 3 contributors:
    1st Daniel M. with $9.99
    2nd Kieth W. with $9.99
    3rd Jessie S. with $7.99

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